Sunday, March 29, 2009

from Mr. January in Bali...

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

First days pf clinics in the RD/ for my blog please

Aloha from Montecristi, Dominican Republic, at the end of our first day of clinics. I treated 75 patients with the aid of some nursing students I was teaching. We were in a school in a rather humble village near the Haiti border. We'll be here all week, staying at the orphanage where more than 100 volunteers have converged from all over the USA, pre-dental, nursing, and pre-medical students. (

This is my fourth mission with LMV/Los Medicos Voladores( and I'm happy to be able to do it. My Mother is so proud, on my shoulder and in my pocket. I met a sweet little girl today who wants to be a doctor, and I almost cried. My mother, who graduated from medical school in 1942 - 67 years ago! The only woman in her class - always tried to help more girls become doctors, and I always ask kids what they want to do when they grow up, and try to encourage them. I love it when
they want go into health or education, and make sure they know it.

With aloha, Daniel
9 March 2009

SI no vives para servir, no sirve para vivir! If you don't live to serve,
life serves no purpose.

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Dr. Alejandra Chutan, DDS,

Dr. Alejandra Chutan, DDS, ("Dr. Ale") imported from Guatemala for the Flying Doctors mission ( treating patients today in a remote village near the Haiti border. She is the lovely niece of Dr. Erick Sosa who cared for my mother so lovingly for these past 3 years, is one of 3 dentists on the team is is treating patients with great care, filling front teeth rather than pulling them so people don't have to lose their smiles...

Montecristi, Dominican Republic
9 March 2009


Saturday, March 07, 2009

In Long Beach, Prayers for Dr. Kay

Last night in Long Beach our Cambodian family honored Dr. Kathryn Susott with prayers in English and Khmer, Christian and Buddhist, and incense and stories of love and gratitude. Some of them knew Mom since they first arrived in the USA in 1980. I came away with a deep sense of peace, and also a pocketful of cash, a Cambodian custom which helps me as I embark on the Flying Doctors mission to the orphanage and refugee camps in the Dominican Republic on the Haiti border. Aloha, daniel 7 March 2009 Dad's birthday today

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Daniel Susott, his mom, Emerald Starr, Lori,

Mom wanted to give Emerald her Emerald ring. she presided over the
ceremony. Lori in the background...
Daniel Susott, his mom, Emerald Starr, Lori, 5 Oct 2008. Photo by John Furber.

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