Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Airline Ambassadors Earthquake Relief Mission Trip

Dear Friends,
I just wanted to give you a brief update on our ongoing relief efforts in Southern Peru and to deeply thank all of you for your assistance in helping the Peruvian people that have suffered so much.
Our Cargo shipment made it!!!! It took Lima Customs several hours to (find it) release it on Sept. 14. Further, our Consignee, The Ministry of Women handled the delivery of the shipment and trucked it to the south where we were working our mission trip.
As many of you are aware, the towns of Canete, Chincha, Pisco and Ica were badly damaged in the recent earthquake of August 15, 2007. A group of 7 Airline Ambassador volunteers including myself have just returned from this devastating area in our first mission relief trip.
American Airlines SFO Flight Attendant, Cindy Morrison
American Airlines Admiral Club Agent in Miami, Victor Otero DeWitt
Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant, Shannon DeWitt
Mother of Shannon DeWitt, Cindi Buck
Dr. Daniel Susott
Nurse Silvia Huzell
We distributed approximately 2,700 lbs of aid including:
A wheelchair, 5 walkers, medical equipment, medicines, vitamins, food, duvet covers (generously donated by American Airlines), blankets, pillows, hygiene kits, newborn kits, household items, pots, pans, plates, bowls, cooking and eating utensils, toys, and arts and crafts.
People in these towns have gone through the most traumatic times in their lives in the last few weeks. They lost their houses and perhaps a family member or a friend. Many of them are in shock or suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. All of these people need support. We comforted these people and gave them love and hope.
The towns we provided aid and comfort were:
Santa Rosa Village in Chincha - 400 people
Caltopa Alta Village in Chincha - 80 people
Monte Jato Village in Canete - 850 people
El Conde Chico Village in Canete- 40 people
The temporary housing for these villages are tiny huts made of plastic tarps or big plastic rice bags that they have tied together with twine. Inside each hut/house is a dirt floor and maybe a blanket or a mat.
We spent our first day in the village of Santa Rosa in Chincha. Here we grilled hot dogs for the entire village (believe it or not it is somewhat of a delicacy). We distributed all the duvet covers donated by American Airlines in this village. (Terry, did you get the photos from Cindy Morrison?) We taught dental hygiene to the children and the importance of doing it daily. We danced, read, and played with the children with their new toys we brought. We also had an arts and crafts session with the children. In this village of Santa Rosa, we want to support teaching these ladies to knit scarves. With money donated, we will buy the wool and necessary tools to knit a scarf and we will pay them for the job. This will break the poverty cycle.
After Santa Rosa, we traveled to Caltopa Alta Village in Chincha where we met up with our truck containing the cargo shipment of hygiene and newborn kits. We distributed these kits to everyone in the village and also supplied dinner for them. It was late at night, and we traveled to Canete. Imagine, we have been working non stop since we landed in Lima at 4:23 am that morning. No one in our group complained. We have just witnessed true hardship that these Peruvian people are experiencing in these villages.
We stayed with a wonderful host family in the town of Canete for two nights. We worked with the President of The Sociedad De Beneficencia Publica De Canete. This is a Society that Benefits the Public in Canete. A wonderfully organized government group to work with. They organized all logistics for our second day there.
The village of Monte Jato in Canete has 850 people. We visited all the village people in their huts and distributed aid with wheelbarrows. Our Airline Ambassadors Volunteer team included two medical professionals, Dr Daniel Susott and Nurse Silvia. We set up a meds table and a treating area in front of the collapsed church where the Dr. and Nurse worked together and treated all the suffering village people with many ailments and viruses. As we spent most of our day here, each one of us grew more attached to the people in this village.
El Conde Chico Village in Canete was the last village we visited. We distributed hygiene and newborn kits. We wanted to give more to these people so we started to reach into our bags and found gum, pens and paper. Anything we had, we wanted to give to these families.
Airline Ambassadors will most likely adopt 2 villages for long term projects:
Santa Rosa in Chincha to teach the ladies the new skill of knitting scarves to sell to break their poverty cycle. In Monte Jato in Canete, Airline Ambassadors will assist in an ongoing effort in relief, reconstruction, and breaking the poverty cycle. The reconstruction of this village includes the construction of schools, housing, and water wells.
We plan on using any Peru funds to help these two villages rebuild their lives.
As this continues to be a long term effort, your support is greatly appreciated.
Again, thank you to all of you for making our trip down to the south a benefit to all we met.
I will have Peru mission photos on our website shortly.
If any of you want to go on a future mission trip to this area or want to become more involved with our relief efforts in Peru or Airline Ambassadors in general, let me know.
All my best,

Patricia Mogilnicki
Board of Directors, Airline Ambassadors
PO Box 743, Mill Valley, CA. 94942
415-389-0440 Fax

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dr. Susott is in Peru helping Earthquake's Victims

Dr. Susott is in Peru helping Earthquake's Victims.
A 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit the coast of Peru,
killing at least 337 people and injuring hundreds more.

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