Sunday, August 17, 2008

Aya and Moe Ijuma visiting from Japan!

Our families have been friends since 1947... Aya's grandmother ran the hot-spring inn where my parents honeymooned during the "occupation" of Japan following WW2. She lived to the age of 103! Aya and Moe, now 6, have visited 3 times now to help ake care of Mom through her failing health...
Amigos para siempre!

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Monday, August 11, 2008

The other night in Hong Kong


I'm leaving Hong Kong Airport now headed for Carmel... Having survived yet ANOTHER close encounter with... One of the world's deadliest snakes!

While in Kam Sung's village, Kuk Po, we were out one night harvesting building materials form the beach, and came across this banded Krait, Hong Kong's deadliest snake. Since my Daddy taught me so well how to catch snakes, and catching a poisonous snake is the same as catching a non-poisonous snake who might bite, I tok the opportunity to practice my snake-catching skills. When he tried to get away I grabbed his tail, not the brightest move in the hands of the unskilled, which straightened him out, showing off his almost-square body, which makes kraits unique in the serpent world.

Anyway, after a few photos, we released him back into the marshy terrain, and have these pictures as our trophies to share.
Thanks for enjoying, aloha,
Daniel 11 Aug 2008
Hong Kong

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