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27 July 2002
at the wedding of Ratha Henderson to Ted Umemoto in California

These 3 young ladies were among the older children adopted from Cambodia in the program created by Daniel and Lauryn in 1990. Sophia Budar (in blue), the Maid of Honor, is on the phone with Prom Gould in Hawaii (also adopted in 1990) whose own wedding party was taking place at the same time. The "Lady in Gold" is Naomi ("Anew") Pizzino. Happy times!

March 2003:
Aya Ijima and Kaori with Aya's baby Moe.

July 2002, Fukuoka, Japan:
Daniel with Aya Ijima and her new baby Moe, with Aya's grandmother, Mitomo-sama, 102 years old, a family friend since 1945 when she ran the "ryokan" (traditional Japanese inn) where my parents honeymooned during the US occupation of Japan.

From a long time ago...

Mother Kay and baby brother John,
Randolph AFB, Texas, 1950