Monday, July 16, 2007

Lunch at Thoeun's House with His Parents

Chanthy, Sambath and my friends having lunch at Thoeun's house
with his parents on July 16, 2007
Beng Keng Kang, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Home to the USA after Europe

Home to the USA after Europe!
A welcome-home dinner at the lovely home of Chanthoeun and Leap,
with Mom and Dr. Erick Sosa having picked me up from the airport! aloha

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Josh, Lobster that Fed Harlem

This is a picture of Josh, BEFORE the amputations,
for the benefit of all Beings.
He Lobster that fed Harlem.
Hug your Uncle Josh goodnight, Goddesses!
Oh, God, wasn't that fun?
And God answered,

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Bethany, The Planetary Stage

Aloha, Bethany!
So happy to share the stage with you. The Planetary Stage.
What wonder and joy and hope you inspire!
And you come by it honestly! All my adoration.
Abrazos a toda la familia!
July 3, 2007

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St. Paul de Vence, France

Thinking, in St. Paul de Vence, France

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Teddy Bear and Clan

For Teddy Bear and clan
Not dropping any names...

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