Saturday, August 11, 2007

School Built in Krong Kep, Southwestern Cambodia

I finally got to visit the school we built in Krong Kep, southwestern Cambodia, a location which never previously had a school. The funders, Wendy Grace and Michael Honack, have supplied $5.000 per year to keep things running there but this is not adequate for the scope of what they are trying to accomplish. The teachers with very low salary are running courses in adult literacy in Cambodian language (mostly for women who are heads of families and illiterate) in 6 impoverished villages in the area, the last to be liberated from years of Khmer Rouge oppression. They have also been teaching Sewing, English, and now they want to start at computer course and agriculture program. When they have had extra funds, they have offered micro-credit and small-business training.

I am heartened that my nephew Evan wants to get involved with World Family and could possibly take it into a "world-class charity". Thanks also for YOUR support over the years.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Feeling Guilty Not to Help These People

Feeling guilty not to help these people more. I visited this school we built in Krong Kep, for the first time, and was moved by the commitment of the teachers there. They have big plans, but no funds to continue. My nephew Evan says he could be on the board of World Family and help raise funds and do a lot of good work in Cambodia and other places, and this makes me happy!

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