Monday, November 19, 2007

The ODYSSEY" at Leeward CC

I scheduled my Honolulu visit to catch "The ODYSSEY" on the stage at Leeward
Community College
, presented by the "DREAM TEAM" of director Paul Cravath,
John Signor (Music/soundscape) (in the black shirt) and costumes/art
direction Sam (Coco Chandalier) Akuna! It was brilliant! Paul's doctoral
thesis on Cambodian Classical Dance Theatre is about to be published in book
form (!). Years back we visited Cambodia together and his spirit carried me
to the top of Angkor Wat! In the group photo are the gorgeous surfer and
communications grad (UH 2005) Sophea Le Budar, until recently my roommate in
Manoa, adopted in 1990 from Cambodia and just engaged to that handsome Jim
by her side. Sophea accompanied my to Cambodia in 2005 and met her birth-mom
for the first time since 1990 and has now an ongoing relationship with her.
I get to sing at their Hawaii wedding in May, 2008!! And maybe the one in
Cambodia?? Jim cringed when he hears it would take place over 3 days and
require several costume changes. Yay life!

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