Thursday, November 29, 2007

VIP room of the set of MUMMY 3

I am sitting in the VIP room of the set of MUMMY 3 about to out on my tuxedo and dance in the final shot of the filming, with the Director. Rob Cohen, and his lovely wife Barbara, who is pregnant with triplets (!), to be named Sean, Zoe, and Jasi (after the beach in Bali where we sold Rob the land on which he's erected his Sumatran palace). I just met Brendan Fraser as we were leaving our hotel for the set. We chatted about Bali. What a hunk! Large and handsome and sweet as can be.

Rob has written a song to which we will be dancing in IMHOTEP's, the Egyptian-themed bar in '30's Shanghai.

I may end up on the cutting-room floor, or may actually appear in the movie which is set to premiere in Beijing in July 2008. Anyway, this has been a great week here on the set.
It's going to be a fantastic film, with a budget of $160M and the best director in Hollywood. Vic Armstrong is directing the action sequences, and he's tops in his field, with the Bond movies, Mission Impossible 3, and Raiders of the Lost Ark among his recent credits.

So, tomorrow back to Bangkok overnight and then Bali. Not sure about Sri Lanka. A bomb just killed 16 in Colombo.. I may head back to California earlier.

PS I just got a pic with BF which I'll send! Love, d

29 Nov 2007



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